Greenville, SC is a great city for conducting business and finding consistently high-paying employment. The area is home to the headquarters of a variety of corporations, including Michelin USA, a well-regarded manufacturer of tires and associated parts, and Hubbell Lighting, a provider of residential, commercial, and industrial lighting systems. Caterpillar Inc and General Electric also have manufacturing facilities in the Greenville area and are rapidly expanding their operations. In addition to these private employers, a large number of universities are also present in the region, including Clemson University, Anderson University, and Bob Jones University, among dozens of others. One of the biggest employers in the region is the Greenville Health System, a healthcare provider network composed of nearly half a dozen medical campuses. For whichever industry or sector you are searching for employment within, you are bound to find a well-paying and secure job at one of Greenville’s many employers.

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