Maldin, SC InformationMauldin, SC has retained its small town feel while opening its doors to a host of modern amenities. Hailed as one of South Carolina’s best residential areas, the city is one of the most affordable and safe places to set up a home. The local government has not only created a thriving commercial environment, which is conducive to a range of business activities, but also they have invested in amenities and services that offer the area its high quality of life.

The city is home to 3 major parks, a well interlinked transportation network, a sound education system and a plethora of recreational facilities, including a new cultural center. It is no wonder then that the population of Mauldin has grown by almost 35% over the last decade.

Although small and quaint, Mauldin is a city on the move given its location just inside the I-385 commercial loop. Only 10 miles from downtown Greenville, residents can easily seek out the bustle of a big city whenever they want. For nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate verdant surroundings, the numerous lakes and the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are just a short drive away, offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The entrepreneurial spirit, friendly people, a range of facilities and housing options and affordability give this community its edge.

Properties In Mauldin, SC

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