The parks and recreation department offers a comprehensive system of greenways, parks, public facilities and recreational choices that enhance the quality of life to both the resident and visitors of Greenville.

The city department provides an expansive trail system where one can take a bike ride, take a picnic lunch at the beautiful park as well as taking your family or spouse for a day out at the beautiful Greenville Zoo. There is also provision of a wide choice of all year round recreational activities for one to enjoy the beauty of the town outdoors.

The recreational department coordinates and schedules the year round athletic and youth programs together with the operation of five community centers that offer special summer programs as well as general summer programs. The department also oversees thirty-nine city parks that occupy more than four hundred acres of land in the city.

Greenville’s parks and recreation department provides a wide selection of appealing programs together with activities that are appealing to both residents and visitors.

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